Pool (12 x 6 m) with comfortable italian sunbeds
South oriented pool
Even in early spring the area around the pool can be nice and warm
view at the pool and pool house
Roses give colour to the garden!
More flowers
covered terrace with ping pong table
volleyball field
lots of space to play and to relax
Blossom in the garden
Fancy coffee or tea?
east facade maison d'Isabel before the extension works
Extending maison d'Isabel (ready 2024)
south facade maison 'Isabel as it used to be
Extension of maison d'isabel - south east (extension under construction)
covered terrace maison d'Isabel (westen)
the garden, with in the background the covered terrace of maison d'amis
cosy dining under the pergola next to the kitchen of maison d'amis
north side of maison d'amis
living and dining room of maison d'Isabel with wood burning stove
dining table and open kitchen of maison d'Isabel
american (open) kitchen maison d'Isabel
master bedroom of maison d'Isabel
master bathroom of maison d'Isabel
bedroom 2 of maison d'Isabel
bedroom 3 of maison d'Isabel
bathroom 2 of maison d'Isabel
south facade of maison d'amis
living and dining room and mezzanine with double bed, maison d'amis
dining table, maison d'amis
grand bedroom 1 maison d'amis
en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower, sink and toilet
room 2 - detail
room 2 with queen bed
en-suite bathroom of the second bedroom of maison d'amis

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